Cannabis Black
Vancloth Olive / Navy

Square End Narrow Tie

Style#: M21902

Size & Fit:
For Asian market, length from tip to tip is 54 inches. 
For North American and European market, length from tip to tip is 57 inches. 

Country of Origin:
Los Angeles, California, USA

- Cannabis - 
100% Cotton – Lightweight Print Canvas Fabric

- Vanlcoth -
Monitaly’s exclusive 'Vancloth & Sons' fabric
100% Cotton water-repellent poplin, made in Los Angeles, California, USA

Dry Clean Only

          Neckties are a charming conversational accessory.  Monitaly’s ties are purposefully patterned to achieve a moderate balance with the square-end finish.  The shape is characteristically vintage yet still fresh and stylish.  Authentic tie details include bias cut for a better drape, interlining for moderate stiffness, and a functional hand-stitched keeper.


Where to Buy

Aggregate Supply
806 Valencia St
San Francisco, CA 94110
415 474 3190


Hotel V
1F #50 Lane 177 Sec. 1
Dun Hua South Blvd, Taipei
+886 (0)2 8771 1106