Flat Front Pants

Harris Tweed Black
Harris Tweed Grey
 (100% Virgin Wool "Harris Tweed" )

Style#: M20300

Crafted in Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.

          As Monitaly’s staple pant style, the Flat Front Pants are one of the most versatile pants we make. The pants are just slightly tapered and fit not too loose, not too tight; just right. The pants feature single needle construction with each seam being pressed open for a cleaner finish. Raw edge of side seam is overlock-stitched and is purposely not finished with binding in order to keep the pants to drape naturally and beautifully. The pants offer two slash pockets in front, one of which comes with an inset coin pocket, in addition to two double welt pockets on the back. An extended waist fly and double fold finished hem round out the pants.

  • Single needle construction with an open seam
  • Slightly tapered toward bottom
  • Double-fold hem
  • Double-welted rear pockets with triangle stitch finish
  • Clean finish pocket lining


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