Harry's Jacket

Vancloth Black
Vancloth Charcoal

Vancloth Navy
Vancloth Olive
(100% Cotton Water-repellent Poplin Fabric 'Vancloth & Sons' / 100% Nylon Parachute Fabric Lining with Polyester Insulation)

Style#: M20016

Crafted in Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.


          Harry’s Jacket is a new masterpiece of Monitaly’s fall and winter collection which has a nice blend of military and outdoor details together in one garment.  The weight and feel of fabric and insulation are just perfect like your comfortable outdoor wear, and specific details such as shape of the front pocket flap and large-sized pocket inside and outside are well made.  Some of the key features include YKK waterproof zippers, detachable hood and longer back tail with rounded hem.

          Filled with three ounces of high-loft virgin hollow polyester insulation, the fluffy quilt fabric used as lining of this jacket helps keep you warm in a condition where doing light activity in cold temperatures.  The quilt traps air in a space between its synthetic fibers and the air gets warmer as your body temperature increases with movement.  This quilt mimics the feel of down but gives you the benefits of a synthetic insulation and less-bulky feeling.  Unlike down which becomes heavy when damp, the quilt remains light in weight even when a bit wet.  The quilt is stitched with a super light-weight rip-stop nylon fabric.  It’s the same spec as real parachute material; durable, soft and windproof.

          Monitaly’s original “Vancloth” fabric is a water-repellent and wind-resistant 100% cotton poplin fabric.  The smooth texture is achieved by a tight weaving construction, and when water is introduced to the surface of the fabric, the outer-most layer of fine yarn swells to lock out moisture and prevent the garment from becoming soaked.  

  • Lightweight
  • Straight front hem and rounded back hem
  • Detachable hood
  • Two large-sized pockets outside and two large-sized mesh pockets inside
  • Quilt lining with parachute rip-stop nylon
  • YKK waterproof zipper
  • DOT brand snap fasteners made in the U.S.A.

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