Quilted Utility Jacket

Herringbone Cotton Black
Herringbone Cotton Khaki

Herringbone Cotton Olive
(100% Cotton Herringbone Fabric with Polyester Insulation 'Made in USA')

Style#: M20014

Crafted in Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.

   Monitaly’s popular Spring/Summer style “Utility Jacket” comes back again to the Fall/Winter collection with detail updates.  This Fall/Winter version utilizes quilt fabric and its original pattern was carefully modified to make sure the garments sits like A-shaped when it’s worn.  It features V-neck opening and no seam line on the bottom of each pocket.  It also features hidden button front placket with DOT snap closure on top.

   Filled with seven ounces of virgin siliconized polyester, Supersoft Quilt used on this jacket mimics the feel of down but gives you the benefits of a synthetic insulation and less-bulky feeling.  Unlike down which becomes heavy when damp, this super soft insulation remains light in weight even when a bit wet.  Supersoft Quilt helps keep you warm in conditions where doing a little activity such as walking in a city.  This quilt is made with 100% Cotton herringbone fabric, and the quilt stitching pattern is called “Dumbbell”, which detail is often seen on a classic military jacket lining. 

  • Lined
  • Military-standard DOT snap fasteners made in the U.S.A.
  • Military-standard Melamine buttons

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