Fatigue Shorts

US Army Tent  
(100% Cotton Vintage US Army Shelter Tent Fabric)

Style#: M19353

Crafted in Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.

          Inspired by traditional military shorts constructed with felled seam, Monitaly’s Fatigue Sorts stay true to the style’s original heavy duty construction. The silhouette of the shorts is slightly slimmer than the original military version, which helps style out more easily with contemporary urban wardrobe. Hem of the shorts are finished with separate "hem facing" fabric, instead of folding, which gives the shorts nice and smooth silhouette. They also feature special military/industrial-strength buttons made out of melamine.

  • Trimmed fit
  • Tapered silhouette
  • Double-needle felled seam “Caballo” construction
  • Melamine button
  • Wide back belt loop with single needle finish

*This limited edition style is available while vintage tent stocks last.   

Where to Buy

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