S/S Guayabera Shirt

Cone Chambray  (100% Cotton 6.5oz pure-indigo chambray fabric produced at Cone Mills, Greensboro, NC, U.S.A. )  
Seersucker Khaki  (100% Cotton)
Seeersucker White  (100% Cotton)

Style#: M19260

Crafted in Mexico.

          S/S Guayabera Shirt is named after a shirt originally worn by guava tree farmers in Cuba.  Over time Guayabera Shirts were adopted as traditional clothing throughout many Latin cultures and Guayabera Shirts became accepted as a formal wear at a wedding and the other formal events.

          The most notable and classic details of the Guayabera Shirts have been respectfully preserved such as the decorative multi-pleat bands on front and back and iconic four front pockets, which were originally used to collect guavas. Special additional details include a round hem with hem facing, side bottom buttons with self fabric loop and a western back yoke.  All buttons feature a "speckle" finish on the backside which replicates the appearance of shell buttons.

          Monitaly’s Guayabera Shirts are made by hand in the most revered Guayabera specialty tailor in Mexico.  The garment is classically constructed with single needle clean finish seams on armholes, side seams and underarms, which are manufacturing details reserved for high-end dress shirts. Monitaly takes great pleasure in introducing this unique collaboration shirt as one of the most high-end and well-constructed Guayabera shirts ever to be produced.

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