Scarf w/ Patch Pocket

Smiley (85% Wool/ 15% Nylon Jacquard Wool 'Made in USA' )
Geo Stripe Black (100% Wool 'Made in USA' )
Geo Stripe Blue (100% Wool 'Made in USA' )

Style#: M18909

Crafted in Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.

          Monitaly’s Scarf w/ Patch Pocket is a key accessory for enjoying a stylish Fall/Winter season. This short-length scarf is incorporated with the two rounded patch pockets, which are designed for a functional hand warmer. You can wear it over from the neck and the patch pockets will be in a nice and easy position for you putting the hands in. You can of course wear it to wrap around the neck, so you can enjoy the two ways to wear the scarf. The opening of the pocket is secured with triangle stitching at corner, so that it becomes more durable as well as it achieves the appealing authentic detail. The fabric is cut on bias, which is a 45 degree angle as opposed to traditional vertical and horizontal cutting techniques.  The bias cut achieves a nice drape as well as a beautiful fringe finish at the triangle-shaped edge. This fringe trimming finish is intentionally completed by hand for casual punctuation, and the sides are finished with merrow stitching to secure the clean finish. 

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