Baja Shirts

Mohair Multi Black 
Mohair Multi Brown 

(Italian Mohair Fabric)

Style#: M18407

Crafted in Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.

          Baja shirts were originally introduced in the 1970’s by California surfers and became popular in hippie and surf culture.  The style emigrated from Baja California, was brought back to the United States from holidays and surf trips to be worn in mild and cold weather.  Since then, the style has become more closely associated with surf style in America than with its native Mexican heritage.

          Monitaly refines the Baja shirt with unique fabrication: a trimmed body and sleeve, executed in high-quality fabric.  Baja Shirt by Monitaly features a single large pocket and V-shaped neck opening.

  • Original Baja style
  • Comfortable roomy fit
  • Italian-made mohair blended knit fabric
  • Made in Los Angeles

Where to Buy

Adam et Rope
Multiple Locations

493 Sanchez St
San Francisco, CA 94114
415 861 3373





Urban Outfitters
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Plazza Dal Mulin 8
7500ST. Moriz
+41 81 833 36 45


The Bureau
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Belfast, BT1 6PG
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