Merino Wool Pullover

Rug Wool Black 
Rug Wool Brown 

(100% Merino Wool)

Style#: M18405

Handcrafted by Mexican natives in highlands of Mexico.

          Native Mayan tunic inspired over shirts, traditionally worn by native Indians when temperature drops.  Merino Wool Pullover features oversized, loose fit.  It is woven to match the exact shape made by indigenous weavers who specialize in traditional Mayan rug weaving.  It is hand-woven by Mexican natives in highlands of Mexico from 100% Merino wool yarn.  The yarn is dyed and spun by hand.  All the processes are carefully done by hand – no machine are used.  The hand-woven rugs are hand-stitched together and hand-embroidered by native indigenous people of Mexico.  The process starting from yarn to finished products takes months, but the result is a beautiful ethnic piece.  You won’t get itchy with the Merino Wool Pullover since it’s made from fine, soft Merino wool.

  • Traditional Mayan Tunic inspired style.
  • Loose fit for comfort
  • 100% Merino wool – hand-dyed and hand-loomed
  • Traditional hand woven rug material
  • Hand-stitched and hand-embroidery
  • Cross motif hand-embroidery
  • Two outer patch pockets
  • Made in Mexico

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