Triple Needle Shirts

HL Chambray Black (100% Cotton hand-dyed hand-loomed chambray fabric produced in a small village in India ) 
Cone Chambray  (100% Cotton 6.5oz pure-indigo chambray fabric produced at Cone Mills, Greensboro, NC, U.S.A. )

Style#: M18214

Crafted in Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.

          Monitaly’s Long Sleeve Triple Needle Shirts have been a staple item and a core part of our collections from the very beginning, executed as a blend of authentic vintage work shirts and Monitaly’s signature refined tailoring.

          The easy-going cut is balanced such that it is neither too tight nor too wide. This, in combination with the medium length of the shirt which allows the shirt to be tucked in, or worn untucked, makes the Triple Needle Shirt one of the most versatile components of any man’s closet. Triple needle stitched felled seams and gusseted sides complete the thoroughly robust construction of this otherwise understated piece.

          The exquisite fabric used on our HL (hand loom) Chambray Triple Needle Shirts is made from certified organic cotton dyed with natural indigo and other natural dyes. Since the cotton is grown organically, there are no pesticides used in the farming process and since the fabric is dyed using natural dyes the water is not polluted by pesticides or harmful chemical dyes. Construction-wise this natural fabric is made by hand using a handloom, not a mechanized loom, so the weaving process does not require any electricity. Monitaly’s selective choice of utilizing handloom fabric preserves a weaving tradition passed down from generation to generation in a small Indian village dependent upon this small industry which is ethical and environmentally friendly. Since the yarn is also spun by hand, the size of yarn is inconsistent, which creates a “slub” phenomenon thus adding a unique and beautiful mixture of shades and colors which is like going back in time before machines were introduced. The finished fabric has beautiful blue or black chambray looks with soft and loose feel, which can be achieved only by handloom process.

          Another fabric offered on this style is Cone Chambray which is domestically produced by Cone Mills, one of the oldest running fabric mills in the United States using a combination of indigo dyed yarn and plain white yarn, allowing the fabric to age beautifully and develop coveted contrast with wear.

  • Pen holder slip
  • Gusseted side seams
  • Lined front pockets
  • Triple needle stitch by Caballo sewing machines

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