Quilt Hunt Vest

Electric Blue 

(Supersoft Quilt: 100% Nylon Shell & 100% Polyester Insulation 'Made in USA' )

Style#: M18106

Crafted in Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.

          Inspired by classic hunting vest, its cut is more of a sports vest, which is not shaped on waist and longer in length, around mid hip label.  Large front pocket, almost like bib, from chest all the way to the hem and come with two compartments.  Top pockets have an opening on the top with snap closure for security, and bottom pocket have angled opening that cover entire front piece.  Back has a large game pocket. It covers lower, about one third of the back and has two angled opening for easy access.  Corduroy padding on shoulder to front, gun pad detail of hunting jacket, is lined before set on the garment for better and cleaner curved edge.

          All raw edges, including pockets, are finished with wide wale corduroy binding, which gives it a beautiful look.  All stress points, such as pocket opening and zipper ends, are reinforced with bartucking.

          The material of Quilt Hunt Vest is rip stop nylon.  The rip stop nylon is, as its name says, it prevents ripping of fabric. By incorporating thicker yarn at a regular interval, it reinforce the fabric without adding much of the weight and bulk.  Outer is solid and inner is camo print, with filling in between.  The filling is secured by quilt stitch. The quilt stitch pattern used for the vest is called “Dumbell”, and it’s the same one as classic military jacket lining. The filling for the vest is called “supersoft”, and it stays flatter than standard poly filling, makes it less bulky.

  • YKK #5 2-way front-zip closure
  • Cow leather zipper pulls
  • "DOT" snap fastener on pockets
  • Vegetable-tanned leather washer

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