MA-1 Vest

Flight Satin Black 
Flight Satin Olive 

(Supersoft Quilt: 100% Nylon Flight Satin Shell)

Style#: M18105

Crafted in Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.

          This is a vest version of our MA-1 jacket.  U.S. Air Force flight jacket developed in the mid-50’s has become a fashion icon throughout the major fashion cities recently.  Monitaly takes our own path to refine the U.S. Air Force flight jacket by keeping a taste of the original details yet twisting fit and fabrication.  Fit has been re-evaluated to make it modern silhouette.  It is not a boxy silhouette like the original jacket, but instead it has achieved a longer length, better body shape and contoured sleeve.  Some of the key details include a lower pocket with angled snap flap, zig-zag stitching detail on wind flap under the front zipper, and two internal pockets which are the original detail.  Each zipper tab is equipped with cow leather cord.  100% wool ribbing for collar and waistband is used to keep you warm.  The ribbing fabric is knitted from 100% wool yarn.  Wool yarn ribs are traditionally used for military flight jackets back in old days.  A snap at the top left of the center zipper is for secure closure of wind flap. 

          Filled with seven ounces of virgin siliconized polyester, Supersoft Quilt used on outer shell mimics the feel of down but gives you the benefits of a synthetic insulation and less-bulky feeling.  Unlike down which becomes heavy when damp, this super soft insulation remains light in weight even when a bit wet.  Supersoft Quilt helps keep you warm in conditions where doing a little activity such as walking in a city.  This quilt is made with 100% nylon flight satin, and the quilt stitching pattern is called “Dumbbell”, which detail is often seen on a classic military jacket lining.  As its name indicates, the flight satin fabric is originally used for flight jackets in military.  This fabric is very tough and windproof, yet it has a nice silky, shinny finish.  It is also developed to have a high water repellent rating.

  • Monitaly’s original quilted flight satin
  • #10 brass zipper made in the U.S.A.
  • Cow leather zipper pull cord
  • Extra snap at the top of front for secure closure
  • Full-lined construction
  • 100% wool ribbing
  • “DOT” brand snap fasteners

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