Hunter Down Vest 

Harris Tweed Grey (100% Virgin Wool "Harris Tweed")
Subalpino Maze Brown (100% Wool "Made in Italy")
Blk/Grey Houndstooth Wool (85% Wool/ 15% Nylon "Made in USA")

Style#: M18102

Crafted in Canada by Kluane Mountaineering

          Hunter Down Vest features an unique silhouette and premium quality duck down stitched into square pattern.  It has achieved a great combination of functionality and authenticity.  This is a collaboration project with the best Canadian down product manufacturer, Kluane Mountaineering.  Kluane Mountaineering specializes in custom-made down products for alpinists, and their quality has been tested and proved for many years. 

          Hunter Down Vest is constructed with stitch-through box quilt, where every box holds high quality 750fill power down.  The fill power is a measurement of the amount of space one ounce of down will occupy in cubic inches when allowed to reach its maximum loft: the larger the cluster is, the higher the fill power will be.  750fill power is considered to be excellent quality.  Lower quality down, like 400 to 650 fill power down, is secondary product of geese raised for food.  They are harvested around 4 months old.  Unfortunately, these down never loft like mature down.  700+ down fill come from limited number of birds kept for breeding purpose, collected by hand, and carefully selected by hand.

          The length of the vest is shorter in front and longer in back.  A shorter front allows easy forward movement like crouching and sitting on a car seat, while longer back helps cover your back more and keeps you warm.  Snap-down collar featured on this vest makes it flexible to create room when the neck area gets tight or when you want to close up completely in a cold, windy day.  

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