Leather Bomber Jacket


(100% American Cow Leather with Sheepskin Fur Collar)

Style#: M18047

Crafted in Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.

          Leather Bomber Jacket combines classic style with subtle twist in details.  3-3.5oz domestically-tanned cow leather is chosen to make this jacket.  The jacket can be worn for generations and the aging process of this leather will be amazing and enjoyable.  The design of the jacket is based on a classic bomber jacket, yet it has got a bold accent on collar.  1” hair sheepskin fur is used on collar.  This is a real sheepskin which is very soft and comfortable to the touch and also the hair won’t freeze since it’s a natural material.  The length of this jacket hangs around upper hip.  Hem is finished with 100% wool ribbing fabric and it makes the jacket fit you better.  The ribbing fabric is knitted from 100% wool yarn.  Wool yarn ribs are traditionally used for military flight jackets back in old days. Our cuff ribbing has a special function called “flair”, in which the wale of ribbing gets wider toward edge, allowing more stretch for sleeve ends while keeping snug fit at your wrist.

          Unlike G-1 type jacket, which is popular military bomber jacket, our Leather Bomber Jacket features a welt pocket that is accessible in two ways: one is a top opening with flap and the other is an opening on the side that can be used as hand warmer pocket.  This pocket detail is a complicating construction, especially with leather in this weight, which can only be achieved by a skilled leather craftsman.  The Leather Bomber Jacket is fully lined with the Italian nice and smooth viscose lining fabric.  #10 metal zipper is used to secure the sturdy leather, and all snap fasteners are DOT brand which is manufactured by Scovill; a company with a long standing reputation for quality, value, and performance.  Snap closures are sometimes called "Dot buttons" because Scovill originally popularized snaps with the "DOT" brand name.

  • Tanned cow leather processed in the U.S.A.
  • 1” hair sheepskin collar
  • Versatile front pockets
  • DOT snap fasteners
  • #10 metal zipper
  • 100% Wool ribbing woven in the U.S.A

Where to Buy

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1013 SW Washington St.
 Portland, OR 97205
503 227 3402




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Québec (QC) G1R 3V9
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