Full Zip Baja Shirts

Dobby Brown 
Dobby Blue 

(85% Wool 15% Nylon Dobby Wool, "Made in USA")

Style#: M18033

Crafted in Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.

          Baja shirts were originally introduced in the 1970’s by California surfers and became popular in hippie and surf culture.  The style emigrated from Baja California, was brought back to the United States from holidays and surf trips to be worn in mild and cold weather.  Since then, the style has become more closely associated with surf style in America than with its native Mexican heritage.

          Monitaly refines the Baja shirt with unique wool fabrication: a trimmed body and sleeve, executed in high-quality fabric.  It also features a front-zip closure, instead of a traditional pullover style.  The Full Zip Baja Shirt is equipped with a chin strap on the neck, which is handy and works great to keep the wind out in a cold day.

  • Full-zip front
  • Cow leather drawcord and zipper pulls
  • Bound edge
  • Trimmed body and sleeve
  • Chin strap

Where to Buy

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