Mandarin Collar Jacket

Tie Dye Stripe Grey (100% Wool Tie-dyed Flannel)
Velour Black (100% Cotton, Water-resistant )
Velour Brown (100% Cotton, Water-resistant)

Style#: M18026

Crafted in Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.

          Although the iconic mandarin collar has been incorporated into military uniforms throughout history, the collar was originally a feature on garments traditionally worn by Mandarins in imperial China. Monitaly presents its own take on the mandarin collar with the Mandarin Collar Jacket, also featuring Chinese knot closure.

          The lack of fold over gives the mandarin collar its unique style. The collars on Monitaly’s Mandarin Collar Jacket are top stitched with single needle stitching for a better finish. In contrast, the armholes and side seams are finished with a double needle felled seam, which is often referred to as “caballo” in the sewing industry. It requires special machines with a free arm and folder to wrap the fabric as it sews. The most famous machine of this kind was made by Union Special.

          Many mandarin collar jackets incorporate pre-made Chinese knots, often called “frog buttons”. Instead, we used the same material used on the body of the garment to make the knots ourselves by hand. The jacket also features two large front pockets at the lower front for convenience.

  • Mandarin collar
  • Handmade Chinese knot
  • Double needle felled seam construction
  • Two large round shape bottom pocket

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