11-wale Corduroy Chestnut  

(100% Cotton 11-wale Corduroy Fabric )

Style#: M18001

Crafted in Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.

          The Beverly Blazer is inspired by styles that could have been seen during the 1970’s in Southern California’s own Beverly Hills.

          While the original jackets that the Beverly is modeled after feature remarkably wide lapels, the lapel on the Beverly Blazer has been updated to a slightly narrower and shapelier profile, striking a balance between classic and modern. A pleated back, often seen in safari jackets or hunting jackets, allows for ease of movement while maintaining a refined silhouette from shoulder to waist and hem.

          The button holes on the jacket’s breast and cuffs feature a luxurious leather trim, as does the pocket gusset. The inside of the jacket is half-lined and contains two internal welt pockets. No raw edges are let unfinished and the final finish of the inner hem is done by hand.


  • 1970’s Southern California-inspired design
  • Leather welt button hole
  • Leather pocket gussets
  • Pleated back with back band
  • Extra-long back pleat for the ease of movement
  • Half-lined construction
  • Hand stitch finish inner hem
  • Bound edges (including center back hem)
  • Polyester print lining

Where to Buy

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