Patch Pocket Blazer

Harris Tweed Grey  (100% Virgin Wool "Harris Tweed" )
Subalpino Maze Brown (100% Wool "Made in Italy")
Velour Brown (100% Cotton, Water-resistant)
Wool Serge Dk.Navy (20% Wool/ 80% Acrylic)

Style#: M18000

Crafted in Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.

          Monitaly’s Patch Pocket Blazer incorporates premium fabric, tailored sewing and a modern cut with the classic three button blazer – a staple of Monitaly’s seasonal collections. A perennial favorite, the Patch Pocket Blazer returns for fall and winter 2015 with improved fitting and an altered silhouette.

          Several features work in concert to give the jacket its great structure; the outside pockets are lined to give them better shape, there is a classic side slit and all top stitches are stitched in small stitch counts, resulting in a cleaner finish. In addition, three convenient double welt pockets on the interior of the jacket furnish the wearer with ample pocket space. Finally, the jacket’s break point (the point at which the lapel begins to roll) is uniquely set, concealing the top of the three buttons and directing attention to the middle button, the only button typically fastened on three button blazers. Well executed as a favorite “casual up” item, the Patch Pocket Blazer by Monitaly is as versatile as it is well crafted.


  • Three functional button cuffs
  • Three interior pockets
  • Bound edges (including the center back hem)
  • Unique lapel break point
  • Lined outer pockets for a better, rounded shape
  • Hand-stitched finished hem
  • Polyester print lining
  • Interlining chest piece for a better silhouette

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